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After widespread pressure to repudiate anti-vaccine misinformation on the social media platform, Facebook announced on Thursday that it's taking several steps to tackle the issue. Richard Drew/AP hide caption

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Richard Drew/AP

Survivor Maryland kicks off its 12th season with a challenge where participants' arms are tied to a plastic cup of water that's resting on the top of a ledge. One wrong move and the cup (and its contents) will tumble. Olivia Sun/NPR hide caption

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Olivia Sun/NPR

YouTube star Elle Mills recently took a month off from posting videos, telling her fans, "I will be putting my mental health first for a bit." Courtesy of Elle Mills hide caption

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Courtesy of Elle Mills

The Relentless Pace Of Satisfying Fans Is Burning Out Some YouTube Stars

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Alex Jones and his Infowars channels have been removed from YouTube; Facebook and Apple's iTunes have also deleted most or all of his outlets on their services. He's seen here being escorted from a rally near the 2016 Republican National Convention. Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Inc./Getty Images hide caption

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Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Inc./Getty Images

Police officers keep watch outside YouTube's headquarters Tuesday in San Bruno, Calif., after a woman opened fire on workers there. The shooter had vented her frustration with YouTube's recent decision on advertising revenue. Jeff Chiu/AP hide caption

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Jeff Chiu/AP

Law enforcement stands watch outside of the YouTube headquarters on Tuesday in San Bruno, Calif. Police are investigating an active shooter incident at YouTube headquarters that has left at least one person dead and several wounded. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide caption

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, shown here in Strasbourg last month, recently published an investigation about metals magnate Oleg Deripaska. Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images

After facing an intense backlash over including footage of a dead body in Japan's "suicide forest," Logan Paul has published a new video to YouTube, about suicide prevention. Logan Paul via YouTube/ Screenshot by NPR hide caption

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Logan Paul via YouTube/ Screenshot by NPR