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A woman looks at a memorial at the Hollywood Transit Center in Portland, Ore., on Thursday. Last week three men were stabbed, two fatally, after they stood up for two young women who were being harassed on a MAX train at the center. Natalie Behring/Getty Images hide caption

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Natalie Behring/Getty Images

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks at a news conference in Portland on Saturday, after a man fatally stabbed two men Friday on a light-rail train when they apparently tried to stop him from yelling anti-Muslim slurs at two young women. Wheeler has since called for two planned demonstrations in Portland to be called off. Gillian Flaccus/AP hide caption

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Gillian Flaccus/AP

A demonstrator with a baseball bat crosses a bridge during a protest against the election of Donald Trump in Portland, Ore., on Thursday night. Steve Dipaola/Reuters hide caption

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Steve Dipaola/Reuters

To turn acorns into something edible, you've got to crack the shells, pick out the nut meats, weed out the bad ones, dry them and grind them into meal. Leah Nash for NPR hide caption

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Leah Nash for NPR

Nutritious Acorns Don't Have To Just Be Snacks For Squirrels

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