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Janet Collins was€” the first prima ballerina to perform at the Metropolitan Opera. Ed Palumbo/Library of Congress hide caption

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Ed Palumbo/Library of Congress

Princess Of 'Fresh Prince' Brings History To Children

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Mayor of Leicester Peter Soulsby near a screen displaying a statue of King Richard III on Friday, after a decision to permit the monarch to be buried at Leicester Cathedral in central England. Darren Staples/Reuters/Landov hide caption

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Darren Staples/Reuters/Landov

A 2011 photo shows a replica of Christopher Columbus' flagship, the Santa Maria, off the Portuguese island of Madeira. The location of the Santa Maria has been a mystery; an explorer says he might have found it. Eric Risberg/AP hide caption

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Eric Risberg/AP

Vietnam veterans Melvin Morris (center), Jose Rodela (obscured) and Santiago J. Erevia (left) received the Medal of Honor from President Obama at the White House on Thursday. Win McNamee/Getty Images hide caption

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Win McNamee/Getty Images

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, used to cook alongside his wife. Brady/Getty Images hide caption

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Brady/Getty Images

Fon appliqué workers in 1971, Abomey, Republic of Benin. Eliot Elisofon/National Museum of African Art hide caption

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Eliot Elisofon/National Museum of African Art

Tobacco companies incorporated doctors in their ads, such as this 1930 Lucky Strike campaign, to convince the public that smoking wasn't harmful. Stanford University hide caption

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Stanford University

The Cathedral Spires in the Black Hills of South Dakota are just one of innumerable formations across the planet that speak to the Earth's ancient history. K. Scott Jackson/Ohio Water Science Center/USGS hide caption

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K. Scott Jackson/Ohio Water Science Center/USGS

Part of the ALMA array on the Chajnantor plateau of Chile points skyward to the Milky Way, our own galaxy. The center of our galaxy is visible as a yellowish bulge crossed by dark lanes, which are themselves huge clouds of interstellar dust. José Francisco Salgado/ESO hide caption

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José Francisco Salgado/ESO