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The Syrian city of Daraa, heavily hit by barrel bombs and other strikes by the Assad regime, is one of the areas covered by the current cease-fire. For the past eight days, residents have had a respite from the regime's attacks. Anadolu Agency/Getty Images hide caption

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Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Several people were killed and injured in a series of Damascus car bombings on Sunday. Two cars were intercepted on the airport road and detonated while a third made it to the city center. This photo was released by the official Syrian news agency SANA. Uncredited/AP hide caption

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Hassan Youssef, a 40-year-old victim of the April 4 chemical attack in Khan Shaykun, receives medical care in a hospital in the nearby Syrian city of Idlib in April. Omar Haj Kadour/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Omar Haj Kadour/AFP/Getty Images

Nurses give the oral polio vaccine to a Syrian child in a refugee camp in Turkey. The oral polio vaccine used throughout most of the developing world contains a form of the virus that has been weakened in the laboratory. But it's still a live virus. Carsten Koall/Getty Images hide caption

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Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Mohammad Al Abdallah, the executive director of the Syria Justice and Accountability Centre, shows a video that was posted to YouTube of illegal cluster bombing in Syria. Meredith Rizzo/NPR hide caption

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Meredith Rizzo/NPR

Activists Build Human Rights Abuse Cases With Help From Cellphone Videos

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The camp at Mungote is one of the largest for internally displaced persons in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with over 12,000 residents who fled their homes due to ongoing conflict and violence. Giles Clarke/Getty Images hide caption

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Giles Clarke/Getty Images

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends a summit in Beijing on Monday. He'll travel to Washington on Tuesday to meet with President Trump and discuss strategy for the fight against terrorism in Syria, which has divided the two countries. Lintao Zhang/AP hide caption

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Lintao Zhang/AP

This image — taken via satellite in January 2015 — depicts what the State Department says is the crematorium at Saydnaya prison, including snowmelt on the facility's roof that acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Stuart Jones says is proof of the building's higher temperature. State Department/DigitalGlobe hide caption

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State Department/DigitalGlobe