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A new Gallup report finds global regard for U.S. leadership rose slightly in 2018 after a dramatic drop in 2017. China and Russia also saw their leadership approval rankings tick up. Jorge Silva/AP hide caption

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Jorge Silva/AP

As America Turns A Year Older, Poll Finds Patriotism Has Slipped A Bit

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Approval of U.S. leadership fell sharply in President Trump's first year — particularly in Canada, where the approval rating fell from 60 percent to 20 percent. In this photo, protesters demonstrate at a new Trump International hotel in Vancouver last year. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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AFP/Getty Images

"Budtender" Marissa Dodd bags up a marijuana sale at the Dr. Reefer marijuana dispensary across from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo. Chris Hondros/Getty Images hide caption

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Chris Hondros/Getty Images

For the first time since Gallup started asking the question, 54 percent of Americans said they see Cuba favorably. Here, an old American car passes by the U.S. Embassy in Havana on Dec. 17, when the United States announced a plan to resume regular flights to and from Cuba. Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images

Attendees visit the trade booths during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn., in April. Harrison McClary/Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Harrison McClary/Reuters /Landov

Dissatisfaction with America's government headed the list of problems cited in a new Gallup poll. Here, dusk falls on the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 30 — the eve of the federal shutdown that further frustrated many citizens. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images