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French police gather near the site of an attack near the entrance of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday. Anti-terrorist prosecutors have opened an investigation after police shot and injured a man who had tried to attack officers with a hammer. One officer was slightly injured. Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

A French police officer oversees the evacuation of a makeshift camp in Paris on Tuesday. The camp, one of several set up by migrants and refugees around the French capital, held hundreds of people in degraded conditions for several weeks. Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

A collection of "love locks" available for auction that will benefit three charities that aid refugees. The auction's appraiser estimates that prices will range from 150-200 euros ($163-218) for a cluster of padlocks. Studio SEBERT/Credit Municipal de Paris hide caption

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Studio SEBERT/Credit Municipal de Paris

Police officers block access to the Champs Elysees in Paris after a shooting on Thursday. France's Interior Ministry said the attacker was killed in the incident on the world-famous boulevard. Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images

French firefighters and police officers secure Orly airport outside Paris on Saturday following the shooting of a man by French security forces. The attacker was known to French authorities, and his home had been searched following attacks in 2015. Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images

French police officers secure the scene near the Paris offices of the International Monetary Fund on Thursday, following reports that a letter bomb had exploded at the premises. Christophe Archambault /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Christophe Archambault /AFP/Getty Images

The Pompidou Center, whose provocative design horrified critics 40 years ago in Paris, is now a beloved destination for French and foreign visitors. Guilhem Vellut/Flickr hide caption

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Guilhem Vellut/Flickr

Marie-Antoine Carême began his hardscrabble life in Paris during the French Revolution, but eventually his penchant for design and his baking talent brought him fame and fortune. Wikipedia hide caption

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Alice Furlaud in Gstaad, Switzerland, with a Krugerrand gold piece. Courtesy of Alice Furlaud/Courtesy of Alice Furlaud hide caption

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Courtesy of Alice Furlaud/Courtesy of Alice Furlaud

Remembering NPR Essayist Alice Furlaud

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