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Edith Hill, 96, and Eddie Harrison, 95, shown here in their home in Annandale, Va., were married earlier this year. One of Hill's daughters says the marriage was improper and that Hill's estate is now in question. Matthew Barakat/AP hide caption

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Matthew Barakat/AP

Rick and Marianne wash dishes together. She no longer remembers that he is her husband. Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio hide caption

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Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio

As A Husband Becomes Caregiver To His Wife, A Marriage Evolves

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John Betar, 102, and his wife Ann, 98, at their home in Fairfield, Conn. They eloped on Nov. 25, 1932. Michelle McLoughlin /Reuters/Landov hide caption

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Michelle McLoughlin /Reuters/Landov

A bride and groom exchange rings during a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. Although most marriages in India are still arranged, a growing number of women are taking matters of the heart into their own hands, using social networking clubs and matrimonial websites. hide caption

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Having a special someone won't fend off depression if that person doesn't have your back. hide caption

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