The U.N. has operated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for years. Thursday evening's attack was the bloodiest assault on peacekeeping forces in recent memory, according to a U.N. official. Giles Clarke/Getty Images hide caption

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Giles Clarke/Getty Images

A toddler is held up to the camera in this still image taken from video said to be shot in Madaya on Tuesday. Warnings of widespread starvation are growing as pro-government forces besiege the opposition-held town in Syria. Reuters/Landov hide caption

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Calling relatives they hadn't spoken to since 2013: from left to right, Chol Lul Walou, approximately 60, called her daughter and son-in-law; Simon Lam Yiek, 33, called his brother; Nyanchan Maluol Mot, 19, called her sister. Giles Duley/Courtesy of ICRC hide caption

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Giles Duley/Courtesy of ICRC

They Haven't Spoken To Family In Years. Now They Get A 3-Minute Call

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The Italian coast guard pulls migrants from an inflatable dinghy off the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea last month. European Union leaders have submitted a plan of action to save lives in the Mediterranean. Alessandro Di Meo/AP hide caption

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Alessandro Di Meo/AP