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Swordfish like this one, sunning itself off the coast of Ventura, Calif. have traditionally been caught in drift gillnets. But ocean activists say the method is unsustainable because it captures too many other sea creatures. Douglas Klug/Getty Images hide caption

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Douglas Klug/Getty Images

Sam Richman, owner-chef of Sammy's Deluxe restaurant in Rockland, says his patrons tend to prefer full-grown unagi smoked, European style, rather than as Japanese sushi. Keith Shortall/Maine Public Radio hide caption

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Keith Shortall/Maine Public Radio

Fresh fish fillets for sale in a display case. Concerns over animal welfare have led to changes in recent years in raising livestock. But seafood has been missing from the conversation. One group aims to change that. kali9/Getty Images hide caption

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kali9/Getty Images

While the nutritional value of jellyfish chips hasn't yet been measured, chef Klavs Styrbæk says they pair particularly well with fresh veggies, which could earn them a healthy reputation. Courtesy of Kristoff Styrbæk hide caption

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Courtesy of Kristoff Styrbæk

Johnny Nicholas, the owner of the Hilltop Cafe, books a dinner concert in the dining room once a month. The bluesman and his wife opened the restaurant in 1980. John Burnett/NPR hide caption

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John Burnett/NPR

Both The Food And The Music Are Made From Scratch At This Texas Joint

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In its prime, the Hero sailed through frigid temperatures and ice-strewn waters in the South Pole. But now it's sinking, leaking oil and threatening Washington's oysters. Molly Solomon/Oregon Public Broadcasting hide caption

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Molly Solomon/Oregon Public Broadcasting

Raw fresh fish for sale at a supermarket. Using seafood guides to decide which fish is the most environmentally choice can be difficult when different guides make slightly different recommendations. intraprese/Getty Images hide caption

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intraprese/Getty Images

Anchoveta are processed at a fish meal factory in Lima, Peru in 2009. Peru and Chile have the world's largest anchoveta fishery, making them the world's largest producers of fish for fishmeal. Ernesto Benavides/Getty Images hide caption

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Ernesto Benavides/Getty Images

Concerns about mercury contamination have led many pregnant women to under-consume seafood. So the FDA issued a new chart explaining what to eat and what to avoid. But critics say it muddles matters. stock_colors/Getty Images hide caption

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stock_colors/Getty Images

A vaquita caught as by-catch in Baja California, Mexico. Accidental entanglement in fishing gear is one of the biggest threat to this species, which is down to only 60 animals. Flip Nicklin/ Minden Pictures/Getty Images hide caption

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Flip Nicklin/ Minden Pictures/Getty Images

Herring are delicious, with flaky, mild meat and oil that sizzles on their skin when grilled over a flame. Chefs and ocean advocates have been promoting the environmental and health benefits of eating small fish like this. But the case of the San Francisco Bay's herring shows some of the obstacles to spreading that message. Alastair Bland for NPR hide caption

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Alastair Bland for NPR