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22 tips for 2022: If you want to eat less meat, spice is key

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Fair workers at a vegetarian stand sell meatless items at the "Bio" (organic food) section of the International Green Week Food and Agriculture Fair in Berlin in 2011. Germany's minister of agriculture has called for a ban on using meaty words like "schnitzel" and "w├╝rst" to market such products. John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods has taken a high-tech approach to creating a plant-based burger that smells and tastes like real meat. At the company's headquarters in Redwood City, Calif., chef Traci Des Jardins served the Impossible Burger (pictured uncooked) with vegan mayo, Dijon mustard, mashed avocado, caramelized onions, chopped cornichon, tomato and lettuce on a pretzel bun. Maggie Carson Jurow hide caption

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Maggie Carson Jurow