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Lola gets her vitals checked during a monthly visit to Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital on February 8, 2016. Prior to the visit, she had taken her daily dosage of lorazepam, a drug used to help with anxiety and nausea, causing her to often experience loopiness. Moriah Ratner hide caption

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Moriah Ratner

A fan-throated lizard displays his dewlap sac in front of Asia's largest wind farm in the Western Ghats mountains of India. The construction of the windmills altered the habitat of the lizards dramatically. Prasenjeet Yadav hide caption

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Prasenjeet Yadav

In the story "The Mole and the Sun," Mole's mother is sick. A medical seer tells him she will recover if his friend Ya Sun can orbit the earth in the opposite direction that it's rotating. The sobering moral is that you can't go against the rules of nature. Pieter Henket hide caption

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Pieter Henket

Hana naps under a mosquito net in her tent in an informal settlement for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, where she lives with her family. She had spent a long morning picking cucumbers with other refugees in the Bekaa Valley. August 2015 Lynsey Addario hide caption

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Lynsey Addario

Powerful Photos Of Love And War By Lynsey Addario

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At the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Nogales, Ariz.: I visited the border wall in Nogales, Ariz., with my friend Sam, a Cuban-American, shortly after reading the heartbreaking ProPublica report on forced migrant family separation. Tsering Bista hide caption

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Tsering Bista

Photographer Greg Miller's daughter waits for her morning bus. He says of the project: "My intention was to take something that is universal, an experience we all have had either as a child ourselves or as a parent of a child. ... My hope is that these pictures will communicate something that words can't." Greg Miller hide caption

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Greg Miller

Shahidul Alam, surrounded by police, arrives at a Dhaka court on Aug. 6. Nobel laureates and human rights groups have called for his release. Ahmed Salahuddin/NurPhoto via Getty Images hide caption

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Ahmed Salahuddin/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Members of the last large LGBTQ group who joined Diversidad Sin Fronteras and the Refugee Caravan 2018 get ready to seek asylum at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on May 9. Verónica G. Cárdenas hide caption

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Verónica G. Cárdenas