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Ivanka Trump's brand has been the target of boycotts and "buycotts" in recent months, as Americans have been expressing their values with their wallets. Drew Angerer/Getty Images hide caption

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Boycotts And Buycotts: How We Use Money To Express Ourselves

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On Wednesday's Late Show, host Stephen Colbert celebrated not being fired from his job. A #FireColbert campaign began after the comedian unleashed a barrage of insults aimed at President Trump on Monday's show. Screen grab by NPR hide caption

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Screen grab by NPR

In Texas, back-to-school shoppers are being urged to boycott Macy's and Kroger stores for their efforts to quash a wage fairness bill. In this file photo, a man shops at a Sears store in Fort Worth. Tom Pennington/Getty Images hide caption

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Tom Pennington/Getty Images