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Though the filling is not actually totally transparent, the name of the pie has stuck around since it first appeared in Kentucky newspapers in the 1890s. J. Tyler Franklin/WFPL hide caption

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J. Tyler Franklin/WFPL

Roasted pineapple Alan Richardson/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt hide caption

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Alan Richardson/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A Boozy Parisian Pineapple That Tastes Like The Holidays

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Lunch at the West Salem School District in Wisconsin. Michelle Kloser/for NPR hide caption

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Michelle Kloser/for NPR

A mathematician's sweet dream: For about $10,000, you can print out rainbow sugar dodecahedrons and interlocking cubes. 3D Systems hide caption

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3D Systems

American baker Bea Vo, who runs Bea's of Bloomsburg, a string of bakeries in London, came up with this answer to the cronut: the townie, a tartlet-brownie with a gooey center and a crisp outer shell. Courtesy Bea's of Bloomsburgy/Helena Marie Fletcher hide caption

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Courtesy Bea's of Bloomsburgy/Helena Marie Fletcher

A cup of pumpkin ice cream with chunks of frozen candy cap mushrooms. The candy cap variety is said to have the fragrance of maple syrup. Jeff Moreau hide caption

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Jeff Moreau