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The harmless mite Demodex folliculorum, seen here in an electron microscope image, lives in the follicles of eyelashes. Andrew Syred/Science Source hide caption

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Andrew Syred/Science Source

Can you guess which eyes belong to what animal? Top row, from left: cuttlefish, lion, goat. Bottom row, from left: domestic cat, horse, gecko. Top row: iStockphoto; bottom row: Flickr hide caption

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Top row: iStockphoto; bottom row: Flickr

Eye Shapes Of The Animal World Hint At Differences In Our Lifestyles

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A cabbage butterfly caterpillar. For tens of millions of years, these critters have been in an evolutionary arms race with plants they munch on. The end result: "mustard oil bombs" that also explode with flavor when we humans harness them to make condiments. Courtesy of Roger Meissen/Bond LSC hide caption

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Courtesy of Roger Meissen/Bond LSC