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"It's easier for me to sell direct to a customer now," says James Ernest, co-creator of the game Unexploded Cow. The board game is one of the most popular created by Ernest, who's made ample use of crowdfunding sites. Courtesy of Cheapass Games hide caption

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Courtesy of Cheapass Games

Amid Board Game Boom, Designers Roll The Dice On Odd Ideas — Even Exploding Cows

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The deconstructed, hexagonal salad nicoise: perfect for all your gourmand geek friends. Courtesy of Chris-Rachel Oseland hide caption

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Courtesy of Chris-Rachel Oseland

This Australian version of Monopoly shows some updates - check out the laptop. But a new edition puts a computerized banker in control of every move. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images hide caption

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Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images