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Delrawn Small's companion Zaquanna Albert, left, and his brother Victor Demsey, center, and Cynthia Howell, right, an advocate with Families United for Justice, an organization made up of families affected by police killings, attend a news conference Thursday July 14, 2016 in New York. Bebeto Matthews/AP hide caption

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Bebeto Matthews/AP

Who Is Delrawn Small? Why Some Police Shootings Get Little Media Attention

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Gabriel Pendas (left) protests outside the North Miami Police Department on Thursday. The department held a news conference about the police shooting of a black behavioral therapist helping a man with autism. Zachary Fagenson/Reuters hide caption

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Zachary Fagenson/Reuters

In a video filmed on Monday, Charles Kinsey (left) lies next to the autistic patient he was trying to help, holding his hands up in an effort to assure the North Miami police that they aren't a threat. Kinsey was later shot in the leg by the police. Channel 7 WSVN/Screenshot by NPR hide caption

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Channel 7 WSVN/Screenshot by NPR