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Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings are packed into containers at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center before being taken to a U.S. Coast Guard vessel for release in Boca Raton, Fla. Wilfredo Lee/AP hide caption

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Wilfredo Lee/AP

A service dog named Orlando rests on the foot of its trainer, John Reddan, while sitting inside a United Airlines plane at Newark Liberty International Airport during a training exercise last year. United Airlines wants to see more paperwork before passengers fly with an emotional support animal. Julio Cortez/AP hide caption

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Julio Cortez/AP

Lucy and Ethel stand next to the charred ruins of Josh Weil and Claire Mollard's home in Santa Rosa, Calif. Someone, likely firefighters, gave the goats a bowl of water. Courtesy of Josh Weil hide caption

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Courtesy of Josh Weil

Adult female with young male coming in (without collar) to her kill. Mark Elbroch/Panthera/Science hide caption

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Mark Elbroch/Panthera/Science

Pumas Are Not Such Loners After All

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New York's Guggenheim Museum announced Monday that it was removing three works from its upcoming exhibit of contemporary art from China. Animal rights activists said the works depicted cruelty to animals. Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images