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British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks during a joint news conference with European Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels, Belgium on Friday. Anadolu Agency/Getty Images hide caption

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Cars cross the fluid border between Ireland and Northern Ireland in Donegal, Ireland, on June 25, 2016. The result of Britain's referendum vote to leave the European Union has ignited a debate over whether the border will need to establish customs checks and tariffs. Paul Faith /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Paul Faith /AFP/Getty Images

A cyclist rides past a mural on the Catholic Falls Road in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Saturday after results were finalized in the province's snap election. Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

A young man hands out "Remain" leaflets outside the polling station at Notre Dame Primary School on Thursday in Glasgow, Scotland. As a nation, Scotland voted to remain in the EU; but as a whole, the United Kingdom opted to leave. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images hide caption

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In Northern Ireland, 'Terror Gets Old,' But Divisions Linger

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Ian Paisley, then-leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, talks to supporters at the Northern Ireland Assembly Election count in Balleymoney, Northern Ireland, in 2003. The DUP announced Friday that Paisley had died after a protracted illness. He was 88. Peter MacDiarmid/Reuters/Landov hide caption

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Peter MacDiarmid/Reuters/Landov

Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly speaks to the media outside Antrim's police station in Antrim, Northern Ireland, Sunday. Police released Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams after five days of questioning him about the 1972 murder of Jean McConville. Peter Morrison/AP hide caption

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Peter Morrison/AP

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams was arrested Wednesday as part of an investigation into one of Northern Ireland's most controversial killings. Neil Hall/Reuters /Landov hide caption

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Neil Hall/Reuters /Landov

Queen Elizabeth II shook hands with Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness today in Belfast. McGuinness is a former senior member of the IRA. Paul Faith/WPA Pool/Getty Images hide caption

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Paul Faith/WPA Pool/Getty Images