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New regulations on what can be called "Tennessee whiskey" have sparked a fight between the makers of Jack Daniel's and George Dickel, two best-selling brands. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide caption

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Jefferson's Ocean bourbon is aged on the high seas, a technique that takes advantage of basic physical chemistry. The bottles sell for $200 a piece. Courtesy of OCEARCH hide caption

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Courtesy of OCEARCH

The Japanese drinks company Suntory plans to buy Beam Inc., which includes Jim Beam and Maker's Mark bourbon. They are shown next to Suntory's Yamazaki and Hakushu whiskies at Suntory headquarters in Tokyo on Tuesday. The deal makes Suntory one of the world's leading drinks companies in an industry where a handful of companies increasingly dominate the global market. Issei Kato/Reuters/Landov hide caption

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Issei Kato/Reuters/Landov

America's Signature Whiskey: Some craft distilleries, like Catoctin Creek in Virginia, are making a whiskey that's 100 percent rye to showcase the grain's spicy, peppery flavor. Courtesy of Catoctin Creek hide caption

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Courtesy of Catoctin Creek

Suntory's 30-year-old Hibiki whiskey took home the top award at the International Spirits Challenge in 2003. This unexpected triumph was Japanese whiskey's big coming-out party on the global spirits stage. Courtesy of Suntory hide caption

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Courtesy of Suntory

A bottle of Cleveland Whiskey's bourbon sits on a shelf with empty bottles at the company's distillery. Courtesy of David Kidd hide caption

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Courtesy of David Kidd

Darren Rook checks out a new still at The London Distillery. Kirsty Chant/Courtesy of The London Distillery hide caption

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Kirsty Chant/Courtesy of The London Distillery

In a cavernous barn, distillers make whiskey with rye, corn and malted barley.

Melissa Forsyth/NPR hide caption

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Melissa Forsyth/NPR

Drinking Whiskey In The Spirit Of George Washington

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