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Smoke from wildfires, like this lingering cloud in Sonoma County, Calif., in October, may be responsible for creating an off taste in wine. George Rose/Getty Images hide caption

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George Rose/Getty Images

Oysters, shown out of their shell, collect tiny plastic particles while in the water. These microplastics can eventually make their way into your dinner. Ken Christensen/KCTS Television hide caption

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Ken Christensen/KCTS Television

Grizzly bear cubs follow their mother in British Columbia, Canada, in 2014. The province has banned trophy hunting of grizzlies beginning at the end of November. Mick Thompson hide caption

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Mick Thompson

An eagle family has adopted a baby red-tailed hawk in British Columbia, but scientists are not sure how much longer these natural enemies can live in harmony. Lynda Robson/Hancock Wildlife Foundation hide caption

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Lynda Robson/Hancock Wildlife Foundation

This is Desert Bus. This is it --€” plus the occasional bus stop. Desert Bus hide caption

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Desert Bus

Terrible Video Game, Great Fundraiser: Meet Desert Bus For Hope

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