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Screening for lung cancer can catch tumors but it can also produce false positives. Patients need to decide whether it's right for them, but doctors often don't know how to advise them. FS Productions/Getty Images/Blend Images hide caption

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FS Productions/Getty Images/Blend Images

Critics of Anthem's policy say imposing a blanket rule that gives preference to freestanding imaging centers is at odds with promoting quality and will lead to fragmented care for patients. Media for Medical/UIG/Getty Images hide caption

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Media for Medical/UIG/Getty Images

Life online is all about sharing images. Being able to share medical images would make health care a lot easier, patients say. Science Photo Library/Corbis hide caption

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Science Photo Library/Corbis

Doctors' use of CT head scans for hospitalized patients didn't change when the prices were revealed at the time an order was being made. Wikimedia Commons hide caption

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Wikimedia Commons

Isabel Doran, 4, gets a CT scan at Children's National Medical Center with her mom, Veronica Doran. The X-ray radiation in CT scans raises the risks for cancer, including leukemia, a new study shows. Dayna Smith/The Washington Post/Getty Images hide caption

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Dayna Smith/The Washington Post/Getty Images

CT Scans Boost Cancer Risks For Kids

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Dr. Steven Birnbaum positions a patient inside a CT scanner at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua, N.H., in June 2010. Jim Cole/AP hide caption

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Jim Cole/AP

Republican presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry of Texas prepares to speak at a dinner in Bettendorf, Iowa, Monday. Two years ago Perry signed into Texas law an insurance mandate covering controversial tests for heart disease. Charlie Neibergall/AP hide caption

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Charlie Neibergall/AP