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Rothschild's giraffe at Lake Nakuru, Great Rift Valley, Kenya. A community project at Kenya's Lake Baringo is attempting to save the subspecies. Education Images/UIG via Getty Images hide caption

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Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

'A Silent Extinction': Finding Peace And Saving Giraffes On A Lake In Kenya

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Three giraffes and a white rhino laze in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania in 2012. The global giraffe population has dropped sharply in recent decades, prompting wildlife groups to urge the giraffe's addition to the endangered species list. Barbara Hollweg/IFAW hide caption

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Barbara Hollweg/IFAW

A man prepares an aye-aye, a rare type of lemur found only on the island of Madagascar, for dinner. These primates are an important source of iron and protein despite being critically endangered. Christopher Golden hide caption

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Christopher Golden