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Ovarian tissue after the thaw — ready for reimplantation. Courtesy of The Infertility Center of St. Louis hide caption

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Courtesy of The Infertility Center of St. Louis

Twin Sisters Try To Get Pregnant With Ovaries They Froze In 2009

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A couple from Namibia's Twe tribe outside their home. Tribe members took part in a study that examined the relationship between navigation skills and mating success. Layne Vashro/University of Utah hide caption

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Layne Vashro/University of Utah

Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick, a Republican, watches the chamber's electronic tally board as it approves a sweeping anti-abortion bill Friday at the Statehouse in Topeka. At left is Majority Leader Jene Vickrey. John Hanna/AP hide caption

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John Hanna/AP