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The Titanic set out from Southampton, England, in 1912 — and infamously dragged more than 1,500 of its passengers and crew to their deaths not long afterward. Now the underwater wreckage of the historic vessel is getting some new protections. Central Press/Getty Images hide caption

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Central Press/Getty Images

A 30-foot by 30-foot mock-up of the Titanic replica now under construction stands near the construction site in China's Sichuan Province. Rob Schmitz/NPR hide caption

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Rob Schmitz/NPR

A Life-Size Replica Of The Titanic Is Under Construction In China's Countryside

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The ill-fated Sultana in Helena, Ark., just before it exploded on April 27, 1865, with about 2,500 people aboard. Most were Union soldiers, newly released from Confederate prison camps. Library of Congress hide caption

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Library of Congress

The Shipwreck That Led Confederate Veterans To Risk All For Union Lives

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This violin is said to have been played by bandmaster Wallace Hartley during the final moments before the sinking of the Titanic. It's thought he put the instrument in that leather case. Hartley's body and the case were found by a ship that responded to the disaster. Now the violin has been sold. Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images

April 4, 1912: The Titanic leaves Southampton, England, on her ill-fated first voyage. Southampton City Council/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Southampton City Council/AFP/Getty Images

Laurie and Dan Castaneda from Long Beach, Calif., walk the pool deck of the Azamara Journey on a Titanic Memorial Cruise. Preparation for their costumes involved several weeks of research, last-minute purchases and even home-sewn clothing from vintage patterns. Richard Drew/AP hide caption

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Richard Drew/AP

The cast and crew of Titanic, as pictured in my 2001-2002 yearbook. I'm standing in the third row back on the right side, in front of the "captain." Courtesy of Dana Farrington hide caption

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Courtesy of Dana Farrington