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An overgrowth of Clostridium difficile bacteria can inflame the colon with a life-threatening infection. Dr. David Phillips/Getty Images/Visuals Unlimited hide caption

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Dr. David Phillips/Getty Images/Visuals Unlimited

Clostridium difficile, a bacterium that causes severe diarrhea, can be difficult to treat with antibiotics. Stefan Hyman/University of Leicester hide caption

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Stefan Hyman/University of Leicester

Billie Iverson, 86, of Cranston, R.I., recently underwent a transplant of intestinal microbes that likely saved her life. Ryan T. Conaty for NPR hide caption

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Ryan T. Conaty for NPR

Microbe Transplants Treat Some Diseases That Drugs Can't Fix

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Microbiologist Emma Allen-Vercoe invented the Robogut, a mechanical device that mimics conditions in the human colon. Courtesy of hide caption

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Courtesy of