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Amelia Ngola, 30, marks out the location of a suspected landmine before beginning to excavate the area in a minefield in Benguela province, Angola. The first step is to dig down and find out if it was a mine that set off her mine detector or something else — say, a rusty soda can or an old bullet casing. If it is indeed a mine, then it will be marked with stakes and signs until it's destroyed. Tommy Trenchard for NPR hide caption

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Tommy Trenchard for NPR

The coffins of the victims in Tuesday's attack are placed on the ground at a hospital in northern Baghlan province, Afghanistan, on Wednesday. Workers of the HALO Trust demining organization were attacked on Tuesday night by armed gunmen. Mehrab Ibrahimi/AP hide caption

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Mehrab Ibrahimi/AP

Smoke rises after South Korean soldiers set a blast to remove land mines in the Demilitarized Zone in 2002. The Korean Peninsula had been the last region the U.S. military was allowed to use the weapon — until Friday, when the Trump administration lifted the Obama-era restriction. Yun Jai-Hyoung/AP hide caption

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Yun Jai-Hyoung/AP