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Top row: The Age of Magic by The Mouse Market, Gothic Bath by Samuel C. Miller III, Apartment 6D by Nix Gerber Studio. Bottom row: White House, White Room by J. Ford Huffman, Reverie of the Stars by Mars Tokyo Designs, My Castle and My Keep by Daisy Tainton. From "Small Stories: At Home In A Dollhouse" at the National Building Museum. Courtesy of the National Building Museum hide caption

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Courtesy of the National Building Museum

It took volunteers 25 hours to move 750,000 plastic balls from the National Building Museum's "Beach" installation to Dupont Underground, a creative arts institution in Washington, D.C. Christina Cala/NPR hide caption

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Christina Cala/NPR

Doomsday For The Dunes Of Plastic Balls: The End Comes For 'The Beach'

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Released in 1963 and marketed with cosmetic updates ever since, the Easy-Bake Oven has introduced generations of American kids to the kitchen. But it wasn't the first toy to do so... Hasbro hide caption

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