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Chantale Joseph (background) and Fausta Castillo Hernandez prepare Haitian food in Lonchería Dulce, a small luncheonette in Tijuana, Mexico. Joseph speaks French; Hernandez, who owns the eatery, speaks Spanish. Still, the two manage to cook together and call each other amiga fondly. Alex Zaragoza for NPR hide caption

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Alex Zaragoza for NPR

Eduardo Gonzalez is HIV positive. His mother died of AIDS; his father, who's HIV positive, is in jail. The boy lives at Eunime, a Tijuana facility for children whose parents have faced AIDS in their family and who may themselves be infected. Courtesy of Malcolm Linton hide caption

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Courtesy of Malcolm Linton

Chef Javier Plascencia finds inspiration for his dishes at the Mercado Hidalgo, a huge indoor market in Tijuana Melanie Stetson Freeman/Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images hide caption

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Melanie Stetson Freeman/Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

Chef Tempts Tourists Back To Tijuana By Focusing On The Food

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