power outages power outages

In Delton, Mich., broken branches and snapped limbs lie on the ground after this week's snow and ice storms. Many in the state are without power. Chuck Miller/MLive.com/Landov hide caption

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Chuck Miller/MLive.com/Landov

Why are so many feral chickens crossing the road in Maui? To get a rental car, of course. Stephanie Federico/NPR hide caption

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Stephanie Federico/NPR

Trying to keep cool in Chicago: On Wednesday, 7-year-old Keshyra Pitts played in the spray from a fire hydrant. Jose M. Osorio /MCT /Landov hide caption

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Jose M. Osorio /MCT /Landov

Heat Waves, Power Outages, Wildfires: The Misery Continues

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