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German nudist August Engelhardt sits in front of his thatched tent-like hut on the island of Kabakon (in what is now Papua New Guinea) with the books that he brought with him from Germany. In 1902, he moved to the South Pacific to start a utopian cult that revolved around two orbs: the coconut and the sun. Courtesy of Christian Kracht, author of Imperium hide caption

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Courtesy of Christian Kracht, author of Imperium

A macaque picks coconuts from a treetop on Thailand's Samui Island. Captive monkeys are trained to help harvest coconuts on the island's plantations. Christophe Boisvieux/Corbis hide caption

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Christophe Boisvieux/Corbis

The diversity of coconut trees like these planted along the beach in the northern Philippines is in danger, but a French scientist has a plan. Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images