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Food fraud is a common issue all over the world. Inspectors of veterinary services and fraud inspect seafood products at the Rungis international market, located near Paris. Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

Is There Wood Pulp In That Parmesan? How Scientists Sniff Out Food Fraud

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The French enjoy horse meat — here's a horse meat butcher in Paris. But even the French were angry that they had been paying beef prices for it last year. Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images

A fruit thought by some to be what Eve used to tempt Adam has been grown in the Middle East for centuries. hide caption

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The seeds of this goosefoot plant are known as quinoa, a superfood now in high demand and grown almost exclusively in South America. But some growers think they have the formula to grow it up north. Janet Matanguihan/courtesy Kevin Murphy hide caption

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Janet Matanguihan/courtesy Kevin Murphy