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Kevin Flores, 11, remains under a mosquito net while being treated for dengue fever at La Mascota hospital in Managua, Nicaragua, last fall. Inti Ocon/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Inti Ocon/AFP/Getty Images

A health official takes a blood sample from a child's finger for a malaria test at a clinic in Bong Ti Lang village on the Thai-Myanmar border. Narong Sangnak/EPA /LANDOV hide caption

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Narong Sangnak/EPA /LANDOV

Scientists have discovered four new DEET-like mosquito repellents. Three of them are safe to eat. Courtesy of Pinky Kai/University of California, Riverside hide caption

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Courtesy of Pinky Kai/University of California, Riverside

A DEET-Like Mosquito Spray That Smells Like Jasmine Or Grapes?

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The mosquitoes that feed on people are attracted to over 300 gases and other compounds emitted by human skin. CDC Public Health Image Library hide caption

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CDC Public Health Image Library

Many criteria — from blood type to body temperature — can play a role in affecting who attracts mosquitoes. abadonian/ hide caption

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