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Every ad in the Seoul Metro's Apujeong station is for a plastic surgery clinic. In response to a growing number of complaints from riders, the Seoul Metro announced it will ban advertisements for cosmetic surgery at its stations. Elise Hu/NPR hide caption

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Elise Hu/NPR

In Seoul, A Plastic Surgery Capital, Residents Frown On Ads For Cosmetic Procedure

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"Today society accepts the idea of improving one's image," says Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, Brazil's most famous plastic surgeon. Here a patient receives an injection of hyaluronic acid to plump up her lips at the Brazilian Society for Aesthetic Medicine in Rio de Janeiro in 2008. Antonio Scorza/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Antonio Scorza/AFP/Getty Images

Plastic surgeons tend to say a patient is going to look "refreshed," not younger. hide caption

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