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Los Angeles Police inspect a vehicle parked in the same neighborhood as a crime scene in 2012. The Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday regarding when police can search a vehicle without a warrant. Jason Redmond/AP hide caption

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Jason Redmond/AP

A critic of the New York City Police Department stop-and-frisk policy wears a shirt outlining a citizen's search rights at a City Council meeting in August 2013. The Supreme Court ruled Monday in an unrelated case that even if police stop someone without cause, if a reason is then found to search them, any evidence collected is admissible in court. Spencer Platt/Getty Images hide caption

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

David House, who had his electronic devices seized when entering the country, successfully pushed to get the government to release information about its warrantless searches. Elise Amendola/AP hide caption

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Elise Amendola/AP