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Not seeing clearly can hamper a child's academic achievement, social development and long-term health, research shows. The right pair of glasses can make a big difference. FatCamera/Getty Images hide caption

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Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa and Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota want drugmakers to stop wasting money by making eyedrops that are too big. Douglas Graham/CQ-Roll Call Inc./Getty Images hide caption

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Douglas Graham/CQ-Roll Call Inc./Getty Images

Gregory Matthews has glaucoma and uses prescription eyedrops. The dropper's opening creates a bigger drop than he needs, causing him to run out of his medication before the prescription is ready to refill. Matt Roth for ProPublica hide caption

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Matt Roth for ProPublica

Drug Companies Make Eyedrops Too Big, And You Pay For The Waste

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Estrogen affects cells in the eye's retina, which may help explain a possible link between glaucoma and estrogen levels. hide caption

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