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The pandemic brought in-person learning to a halt in Guatemala. And it's been a challenge to get some schools open again. Above: Hermogenes Gonzales Mejia school in Guatemala City. which finally welcomed back its students in February. Miranda Mazariegos/NPR hide caption

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Miranda Mazariegos/NPR

Wearing a mask and a face shield to curb the spread of the coronavirus, 10-year-old Jade Chan Puc writes in her workbook during the first day of class in Hecelchak√°n, Campeche state, Mexico, on April 19. On average, schools in Latin America and the Caribbean were closed longer than any in any other region, according to UNICEF. Martin Zetina/AP hide caption

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Martin Zetina/AP

Wilkinsburg Junior and Senior High School, the only public junior and senior high school in the small suburb, is closing. Chris Benderev hide caption

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Chris Benderev

What Happens When Your Town's Only High School Closes?

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Durham Academy Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner (in foreground) and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark channeled their inner Vanilla Ice to let students and parents know school is closed today. DurhamAcademyComm hide caption

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Dark blue: It's going to take a foot or more of snow to close schools. Green: Any snow's going to shut things down. hide caption

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