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This image provided by PCGS.com/Professional Coin Grading Service shows the front (left) and back of a 1783 plain obverse Nova Constellatio "quint" silver coin. Authorized by Congress, the coin had a value of 500 units in a proposed but later abandoned early American decimal monetary system that would have ranged from 5 to 1,000 units. AP hide caption

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Coins from the Thomas Lockwood Collection were recently found to be rare and priceless. From a description by the University at Buffalo, from top to bottom: A gold aureus of the Roman emperor Otho; a tetradrachm of Athens; a tetradrachm of Alexander the Great; a silver tetradrachm of Syracuse (Sicily); a gold aureus of the emperor Nero; and a gold octodrachm of Arsinoe II." Douglas Levere/University at Buffalo hide caption

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Douglas Levere/University at Buffalo

Thar's gold in them thar cans: One of the eight cans discovered by a California couple. They were stuffed with gold coins minted in the 1800s. The cache's estimated value: $10 million. Kagin's Inc./AP hide caption

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Kagin's Inc./AP