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Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian security agent, died in 2006 after drinking tea laced with the radioactive element polonium-210 at a London hotel. A British inquiry found that his death was the work of the Russian security service. Natasja Weitsz/Getty Images hide caption

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Natasja Weitsz/Getty Images

The Curious Deaths Of Kremlin Critics

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Marina Litvinenko, whose husband died in 2006 after being poisoned, spoke to the media after a British court issued a report saying Alexander Litvinenko had been murdered. Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images hide caption

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Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Marina Litvinenko, the widow of former Russian intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko, says she is "relieved and delighted" with the U.K. government's decision to open a public inquiry into the former KGB agent's death in 2006 by radiation poisoning. Matt Dunham/AP hide caption

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Matt Dunham/AP