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A rosca de reyes cake on display at a bakery in Mexico City. The cake is the signature dish of Three Kings Day celebrations in many parts of Latin America. Jam Media/CON/LatinContent/Getty Images hide caption

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Jam Media/CON/LatinContent/Getty Images

U.S. Bakeries Grab A Slice Of A Latin American Tradition: 3 Kings Cake

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Brazilians are prolific meat-eaters, so they are struggling with allegations that health officials accepted bribes to allow subpar meat on the market. Victor Moriyama/Bloomberg/Getty Images hide caption

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Victor Moriyama/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The Caribbean Tradition, an appetizer made with pickled pig's feet, chiriqui beans, and puffed pork skin, at Donde Jose. Chef Carles calls it his version of a ceviche. Kait Bolongaro for NPR hide caption

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Kait Bolongaro for NPR

Llapingacho is one of Marcella Kriebel's favorite recipes from her travels. It is an Ecuadorian cheese-stuffed potato pancake. Juxtaposed is causa, a Peruvian dish of layered potato, shrimp and avocado. Marcella Kriebel hide caption

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Marcella Kriebel

Taqueria La Delicia is a lonchera, or food truck, that parks near a Lowe's Home Improvement store in New Orleans. The owner is Honduran, and so are many of the day laborers who eat there. Laine Kaplan-Levenson/WWNO hide caption

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Laine Kaplan-Levenson/WWNO