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Exonerated after 16 years in prison, Kristine Bunch ate a celebratory meal of scallops, cheese grits, a platter of hummus and vegetables, and champagne. It was a meal that became the first image by artist Julie Green in her series "First Meal," a project supported by the Oregon State University Center for the Humanities. (Paintings are 4 feet by 3 feet, acrylic on Tyvek.) Julie Green/Courtesy of Julie Green and Upfor Gallery hide caption

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Julie Green/Courtesy of Julie Green and Upfor Gallery

Ledura Watkins greets family and supporters following his 2017 release from the Wayne County Jail in Detroit. Watkins was convicted in 1976 of first-degree murder. Prosecutors are no longer confident in the hair evidence used to convict him. Western Michigan University-Cooley Law School's Innocence Project helped Watkins fight for his release. His conviction has been set aside. Corey Williams/AP hide caption

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Corey Williams/AP

Christopher Scott served over a decade in prison, and while in the middle of the sentence, he developed a passion for soap operas. Justin Richmond/NPR hide caption

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Justin Richmond/NPR

'General Hospital' Was 'The Dope' In Prison — And Kept Him Out Of Trouble

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Davontae Sanford stands with his mother, Taminko Sanford, following his release after nine years in prison for murders he did not commit. He was one of 52 people exonerated for murder in 2016, according to a new report. Carlos Osorio/AP hide caption

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Carlos Osorio/AP

Christopher Abernathy (center) is released from the Stateville Correctional Center on Wednesday in Crest Hill, Ill. Terrence Antonio James/TNS /Landov hide caption

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Terrence Antonio James/TNS /Landov