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See that little brown critter and that little white critter? They're goats stuck on a bridge in western Pennsylvania. The white goat is facing in the wrong direction to walk off the beam, about 100 feet high, and return to solid ground. Todd Tilson/PA Turnpike Commission hide caption

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Todd Tilson/PA Turnpike Commission

The Iranian oil tanker Sanchi was ablaze Sunday after a collision with a freighter off China's east coast. One crew member is dead and 31 are missing, as rescue efforts are hampered by bad weather and the fire. AP hide caption

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Lineman and Electricians train with the APA-5 Atlas Powered Ascender to recover rescue dummy prior to the onset of suspension trauma. Courtesy of Nate Ball/Atlas Devices hide caption

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Courtesy of Nate Ball/Atlas Devices

The Army, The Inventor And The Surprising Uses Of A Batman Machine

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A woman is carried away in a stretcher by medics Thursday after being trapped for six days in the rubble of a collapsed building, in the Huruma area of Nairobi, Kenya. Ben Curtis/AP hide caption

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Ben Curtis/AP

Lami Musa, 27, cradles her 5-day-old baby girl at a refugee camp clinic. One of the women rescued from Boko Haram, she says her husband was killed before she was abducted by Islamist extremists. Sunday Alamba/AP hide caption

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Sunday Alamba/AP