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The original Rainbow Coalition NPR/DailyHerald hide caption

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"Hydrant: In the Air," 1963 — "It's significant because it shows us. We were not allowed to go to the public pools. So we opened our hydrant and we cooled ourselves off. But when I saw it and photographed it I made it more than just poor people turning on a hydrant. I'm very proud of that image. And it says a lot to my community. Hopefully when you look at my image you don't see poor people." Hiram Maristany/ Smithsonian American Art Museum hide caption

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Hiram Maristany/ Smithsonian American Art Museum

Johanna Fernández, co-curator of a new exhibition about the Young Lords, points to pages of the group's newspaper on display at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Hansi Lo Wang/NPR hide caption

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Hansi Lo Wang/NPR

Once Outlaws, Young Lords Find A Museum Home For Radical Roots

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