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Caltrans maintenance supervisor Matt Martin walks by a landslide covering Highway 70 in the Dixie Fire zone Sunday in Plumas County, Calif. Heavy rains blanketing Northern California created slide and flood hazards in land scorched during last summer's wildfires. Noah Berger/AP hide caption

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Noah Berger/AP

NOAA and Saildrone Inc. are piloting five specially designed surface drones in the Atlantic Ocean to gather data around the clock to help understand the physical processes of hurricanes. Saildrone hide caption

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Aimee Cutter, the owner of Beach House restaurant, walks through water surge from Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville, La. Hurricane Barry made landfall Saturday morning. Matthew Hinton/AP hide caption

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Matthew Hinton/AP

Lindsay Cristides, a master's student in oceanography at Texas A&M University, anchors a research vessel in the Houston Ship Channel before taking samples of sediment left behind by Hurricane Harvey floods. The samples will be tested for contaminants including heavy metals. Rebecca Hersher/NPR hide caption

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Rebecca Hersher/NPR

Digging In The Mud To See What Toxic Substances Were Spread By Hurricane Harvey

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Greg Gatscher, left, and his son, Evan, prepare the house for Hurricane Irma. Little did they know these metal shutters would later become a cooktop. Tara Gatscher hide caption

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Tara Gatscher