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A motorcycle rider is inoculated with China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday at a vaccination center in Manila, Philippines. The Philippine president has threatened to order the arrest of Filipinos who refuse COVID-19 vaccination, although other officials noted there's no law allowing that. Aaron Favila/AP hide caption

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Aaron Favila/AP

Rescuers take residents to safer ground as floods caused by Tropical Storm Dante hit Maasin City in Southern Leyte province, central Philippines. The tropical storm has left at least a few people dead and displaced hundreds of people in the southern and central Philippines. Philippine Coast Guard via AP hide caption

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Philippine Coast Guard via AP

The pronounced curve of this toe bone — the proximal phalanx — from a specimen of Homo luzonensis, an early human found in a Philippine cave, looks more like it came from tree-climbing Australopithecus than from a modern human, scientists say. Callao Cave Archaeology Project hide caption

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Callao Cave Archaeology Project

Ancient Bones And Teeth Found In A Philippine Cave May Rewrite Human History

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This February 2012 image shows the U.S. guided-missile destroyer Lassen. The U.S. Navy sent the warship within 12 nautical miles (about 22 kilometers) of islands artificially created by China in the South China Sea. Kyodo /Landov hide caption

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Kyodo /Landov