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Researchers are using underwater microphones to help better understand the extensive array of animals living in oyster reefs. James Morrison/WUNC hide caption

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James Morrison/WUNC

Oyster farmer and scientist Lisa Calvo leads a team of women that harvests oysters along the New Jersey coast. Calvo says she is inspired by the tenacity, skill and grit of women now coming into the industry. Jenn Hall/NPR hide caption

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Jenn Hall/NPR

Scientists are hoping that seagrasses could act as a buffer against acidifying oceans. Lauren Sommer/KQED hide caption

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Lauren Sommer/KQED

Can Seagrass Save Shellfish From Climate Change?

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Rolled oysters have been a favorite snack in Louisville, Ky., restaurants for more than a century, but turmoil in the oyster industry has caused them to dwindle. Wikipedia/Southern Foodways Alliance hide caption

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Wikipedia/Southern Foodways Alliance