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Newborns lie in the nursery ward of a Japanese hospital in 2014. For years, the small, bustling country has seen a decline in its population, leading experts and lawmakers to consider the economic and social repercussions. Haruyoshi Yamaguchi/Corbis via Getty Images hide caption

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Haruyoshi Yamaguchi/Corbis via Getty Images

South Korea's parliament has shortened the maximum workweek amid the country's low birth and productivity rates. Workers are seen here at a factory in Ansan, South Korea, in 2015. Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters hide caption

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Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters

Older Russians relax during a rally in Moscow. Even with steady improvements in life expectancy, Russian men — whose life expectancy was about 56 years in 1995 — today have an average life span of just under 66 years. Men in Europe live on average 10 years longer. Maxim Shipenkov/EPA/Landov hide caption

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Maxim Shipenkov/EPA/Landov

A Post-Soviet Baby Bust Comes Back To Bite Russia

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