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Robert Smith of The Cure performs in Glastonbury, England, in 2019. This week, he shared his frustrations with Ticketmaster, and announced Thursday that the company would lower fees and offer partial refunds to The Cure's ticket purchasers. Ian Gavan/Getty Images hide caption

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Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Capital One has become the nation's largest bank to end overdraft fees for all of its customers. Federal regulators are taking a hard look at bank overdraft fees, which hit customers with lower incomes the hardest. Richard Drew/AP hide caption

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Richard Drew/AP

People hate overdraft fees. Banks are ditching or reducing them

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Over the past decade, hospitals have been rapidly building outpatient clinics or purchasing existing independent ones. It was a lucrative business strategy because such clinics could charge higher rates, on the premise that they were part of a hospital. Medicare's recent rule change puts a damper on all that. Hero Images/Getty Images hide caption

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