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Robert Melovidov, a tribal council member, holds up fur seal meat that he's preparing to cook in his home on St. Paul Island. Nathaniel Herz/Alaska Public Media hide caption

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Nathaniel Herz/Alaska Public Media

Vancouver activist and community food developer Ian Marcuse rides a bike outfitted like a spawning salmon created by artist Tamara Unroe. Murray Bush/Wild Salmon Caravan 2018 hide caption

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Murray Bush/Wild Salmon Caravan 2018

Cristina Reyes Clark is part of an emerging movement in El Salvador that is composed of young chefs integrating traditional foods into contemporary cuisine. Massimo Ceresol hide caption

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Massimo Ceresol

Some of the indigenous corn varieties growing in Taylor Keen's backyard. Cherokee White is a kind of sweet corn with white, purple, and yellower kernels that is ground for flour. Green Oaxacan is processed to make hominy and corn meal. Grant Gerlock/Harvest Public Media hide caption

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Grant Gerlock/Harvest Public Media

People at the Oceti Sakowin Camp enjoy a meal inside a tent that serves as a dining hall. Oceti Sakowin is the largest of several camps housing demonstrators against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Courtesy of Brian Yazzie hide caption

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Courtesy of Brian Yazzie