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Gitanjali Rao, 11, says she was appalled by the drinking water crisis in Flint, Mich. — so she designed a device to test for lead faster. She was named "America's Top Young Scientist" on Tuesday at the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, Minn. Andy King/Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge hide caption

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Andy King/Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he and his wife, Sue, will drink filtered Flint water for the next 30 days to show the people of Flint that it is safe. Andrew Harnik/AP hide caption

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Andrew Harnik/AP

Third-graders Ezekiel White (right) and Emanuel Black push a jug of water to the cafeteria at Southwest Baltimore Charter School. Jennifer Ludden/NPR hide caption

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Jennifer Ludden/NPR

Before Flint, Lead-Contaminated Water Plagued Schools Across U.S.

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