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Bruce Willis (right) and Haley Joel Osment starred in The Sixth Sense, where Osment's character had a sixth sense that allowed him to see dead people. It turns out there is a sixth sense, but it's not seeing dead people it's actually body awareness and intuition. Getty Images/Getty Images hide caption

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Norway's Prime Minister Gets Caught Trying To Catch 'Em All

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People play Pokémon Go in New York City on July 25. The New York governor's ban on playing the game will apply to nearly 3,000 sex offenders currently on parole. Mike Coppola/Getty Images hide caption

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Mike Coppola/Getty Images

A Pokémon is found by a Pokémon Go player at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. Businesses are looking for ways to profit from the 65 million Pokémon Go users in the United States alone. Alan Diaz/AP hide caption

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Alan Diaz/AP

The Pokémon Go mobile game is the top-grossing app for Android and iPhone. Today, the U.S. Holocaust Museum and Arlington National Cemetery asked people to refrain from using the game while visiting the somber sites. Richard Vogel/AP hide caption

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Richard Vogel/AP

The mobile app Pokémon Go is currently the top downloaded free app in both Apple and Android stores. The augmented reality game allows smartphone users to track and catch Pokémon. Ruby Wallau/NPR hide caption

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Ruby Wallau/NPR